The Oaken Path

Cave of Metallic Wonders

Having dispersed of the gremlins and being granted access to the deeper portions of the cave, the party continues their search for Khonnir. First they decided to search the rest of the cavern that they can access before heading through the double doors that had been opened for them. It wasn’t very encouraging when they discovered more dead explorers. This time it was a group of halflings that had come from Brig. They group had to disperse of some slime that was devouring the corpses of the halflings. It wasn’t the slime that killed them though, it had been the fire beetles the group had encountered when they first set foot in the Torch’s source. Lad and Davina were later blinded by an amphibious creature that attacked them. Fortunately, the blindness was temporary. Near where the frog attacked them was another corpse, this one wearing an unholy symbol. After waiting for all of their party to be able to see again, they decided to return to the surface and regroup before going through the double doors.

When they returned, Sef and her strange bladed skin cohorts did not make their presence known as the group entered the large double doors. They crossed the threshold into a strange room unlike anything they’d seen before. The room was made of inorganic material and filled with random junk and metal. Davina’s curiously gets the best of her and her exploration of the junk triggers an attack from a strange metal spider thing. It was similar to the creature that had attacked them back at Val and Khonnir’s house. Of course, they were able to easily defeat it. In the next room, were cages filled with the skeletal remains of a creature that had six legs. They continued onto a path made of sand. They didn’t get far before a strange stone plant attacked them with retracting tentacles.



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