The Oaken Path

From the Journal of Davina

Press the Shiny Button!

I’m not still not entirely sure what Desna’s plan is for my sister and I. I’m trying to do my best to serve her on this strange mission she’s sent us on. I know it brings much peace to my soul when I am able to return with news of a missing loved one to the good people of Torch. Sadly, the news has never been good but it seems to bring peace to these people to finally know the fate of their loved ones. I’m trying very hard not to lose hope that we will find Khonir alive. Our track record isn’t so good so far and we even almost lost Lad yesterday! There is a strange and eerie world beneath the city of Torch. I’ve never seen anything like it. We entered an eerie desolate desert landscape with a starless night. We followed the path surrounded by seemingly endless rocky walls and met evil creatures around nearly every corner. Finally we came upon a hidden entrance at the face of a false cave. Inside, we discovered a very uncomfortable room filled with cracking energy and an irritating buzzing sound. Fortunately, Calera, who is very clever, was able to stop the energy and with it the buzzing sound. We continued on and found ourselves other rooms with windows. The windows seemed to offer a view of that desert path we had taken to get here. However, instead of the dark black sky, it showed the landscape in the daylight. I’m not sure what sort of magic made this possible! In one of the rooms was a glowing column with a button on it that I simply couldn’t resist pressing. I’m glad I did, as it seemed to cause the lights in this place to brighten and also nothing tried to kill us (at that moment anyway!). I’m trying to record as much as I can to share with father when we return. I know our latest findings will fascinate him and I wish he could be here to see it with us, however I am glad he’s not having to face the creatures that dwell below. It’s already hard enough always worrying about my sister, I can’t imagine having to worry about father’s safety as well. Speaking of my sister, Desna was definitely on her side yesterday. Things were looking quite grim for all of us. We kept encountering these gruesome four armed skeletal creatures. The first few we came across weren’t too hard to kill. I even took out a few on my own! However, at one point we had entered this hidden cave and came across one of the skeletons that still had rotted flesh hanging from its bones. The four of us attacked it with everything we had and at one point I thought we were doomed. It had taken down Lad, and the three of us surviving women ran into the nearest room and attempted to barricade ourselves until we could regroup. Well, the creature found a way in and almost killed us all. Then Melarien took down the vile creature using the light of Desna. it was truly a miraculous sight to see. I have never been more proud of my sister than in that moment. Truly, she has proved herself a formidable cleric of Desna and I will continue to do my best to help her in whatever our Goddess asks of her…of us. After our battle, we decided to return to Torch to rest and come up with a plan. I’m hoping the weapons we ordered will be ready before we have to return. We also found out that the strange silver discs we keep finding are some sort of energy source for the foreign objects below. Ones that are still “full” fetch a pretty penny from the local merchants! Now it’s time for my evening prayers and sleep.



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