The Oaken Path

Menial Tasks

In the tunnels under the torch, the body of an orc woman is discovered. Calera recognizes her as Parta. Parta was well liked in the town of Torch and the group decides it is important to return with her body when they’re ready to leave. Melarian uses her training in healing to determine that Parta had been stabbed.

The next thing of note they come across is a room with strange drawings on the walls. Stacked in here are large crates and scattered bits of metal. The drawings feature images of the three legged metal spider they fought at Khonnar’s. There is also a four legged creature depicted that none of them can recognize. Davina investigates the crates a bit closer and discovers 7 silver disks. They collect them to sell in town.

Next, they notice a drastic drop in temperature as they approach another opening in the tunnels. The room is freezing inside and everything is covered in a white frost. The party looks into the room from the top of ledge. Slumped against the wall opposite them is a body. Calera recognizes this one as Geral, one of the members of Khonnar’s expedition party. Lad drops down to check on Geral and realizes too late that the strange mold int he room is brown mold which freezes and incapacitates you. He struggles to climb back up and falls unconcious. Melarian bravely assists him hurting herself in the process. They all back up and decide to try a different route.

They come to a valley with large metal doors to the east and strange huts down in the valley. Strange, tall, humanoid creatures with bodies made of knives surround the party. One introduces herself as Seph and says her people will grant them passage if they destroy the gremlins living in the tunnels. Seph says her people are trapped here and whatever brought them here cannot return them to their home. The gremlins are making it difficult for them to settle. The party reluctantly agrees to play exterminator for the menacing knife people.

The gremlins turn out to be very easy to kill leading the party to wonder why they were asked to do a task that Seph and her people seemed more than capable of. Seph agreed to open the doors upon their return. For now, they had to go back to Torch before they were no longer able to breathe underwater.

Back in Torch, they sold the disks and reported to the council. Davina sent the widow of Geral some money and her condolences. Calera let Parta’s people know of her fate as well and returns her body to her friend Joram. Joram happens to own the local gambling den and the group blows off some steam and tries to make some extra money at the den. Grateful for the return of Parta’s body, Joram gives Lad, Calera, Melarian, and Davina some credit at the den to start playing with. No one wins big that night but it sure beat sleeping in the tunnels below Torch!



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