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  • Val Baine

    A young Kellid girl orphaned by violence in Starfall whom Khonnir rescued and brought with him to Torch. Val has only just started her apprenticeship to Khonnir.

  • Joram Kyte

    Kindly old Joram has been in charge of the Temple of Brigh, the oldest faith in Torch, for as long as anyone can remember. His friendly demeanor, active interest in the metal trade, and innovative crafting skills helped land him a seat on the town council …

  • Khonnir Baine

    Khonnir Baine settled in Torch a few years ago, and his charitable personality swiftly made friends of nearly everyone in town. He built a successful business, shared new techniques for smelting and recasting skymetal, and even improved the town’s water …

  • Dolga Freddert

    Dolga, the town’s oldest councilor, was present at Torch’s founding over a century ago, and though her body has grown old in those 100 years, she remains alert and energetic.

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